Light Lemonade Presse

A Pressé worthy of the term “As good as it gets”

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Range Rochester Light
Sparkling Spring Water, Lemon Juice and Lemon Juice from Concentrate (21%), Cane Sugar, Erythritol, Natural Flavour, Acacia Gum as stabiliser, Ascorbic Acid, Coconut & Lemon Oils, Natural Plant Sweetener - Stevia (Steviol Glycosides).
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Product Description

Lemonade Pressé – We jealously guard the source of the exquisite Lemons used in our Rochester Lemonade Pressé and the expert sfumatrici and ecuelling balance employed in the expression of their essential oils and flavour.  Their intense flavour, rich in oils and high in Vitamin C, is much prized and only a very lucky, select few are ever allowed to get their hands on these wonderful Lemons. We have managed to source a yearly limited supply that we will use to create a unique Lemonade Pressé that is gourmet gold dust. Our expert, artisanal Master Blenders then craft a Pressé worthy of the term “As good as it gets”.

Tasting Notes – The zesty fresh Lemon aroma will leave you anticipating something truly special. Your first taste is memorable. The bitter sweet balance is perfectly crafted and the result is like a non-alcoholic, gently sparkling Limoncello. The gentle carbonation is nose friendly and the fresh, clean, crisp taste of our spring water adds a tingling taste sensation at the tip of your tongue. The mouth-feel is silky and leaves a refreshing tang. Awaken your senses with this Lemonade that is far from ordinary, from now on nothing less will be able to satisfy your tastebuds.

Serve chilled. Up end twice gently before pouring to awake the ingredients.