Premium Dry Elderflower

Perfect to refresh and cleanse the palate.

Product Info

Range Rochester Premium
Sparkling Triple Filtered Water, Fruit Juices from Concentrate(Apple, Grape and Lemon), Elderflower Infusion (Elderflower Tea made from Fresh petals & Raw Cane Sugar) 9%, Natural Flavourings (including Quinine), Ascorbic Acid.
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Product Description

Dry Elderflower Pressé  Serve chilled.

The very low sugar content adds to the delicate dry notes of our Elderflower drink. The Botanicals used to impart back note flavour and taste have been painstakingly researched, tried and tested by our very own taste panels in 4 countries, over 5 years. The result is a new Elderflower Drink with Dry sophistication. Fresh Elderflowers are picked in season and made into a fragrant Tea. They are then combined with Apple, Grape and Lemon Juices to create a wine without alcohol. Sparkling spring water is added to give a clean, crisp sharpness that is almost like a sorbet when it accompanies fine dining.

Tasting Notes – Fragrant Elderflower and the musk notes of white Grape with a hint of Apple. Dry after taste with almost no hint of sweetness, perfect with food. Perfect to refresh and cleanse the palate.