Premium Raspberry Lemonade

Bottoms up and Toodle Pip!

Product Info

Range Rochester Premium
Sparkling Triple Filtered Water, Raw Cane Sugar, Whole crushed Lemons 12%, Concentrated Raspberry Juice & Puree 2%, Citric Acid, Natural Flavourings, Ascorbic Acid.
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Product Description

Raspberry Lemonade Pressé – At last a Raspberry Lemonade that delivers the perfect combination of tart and fruity flavour with an aromatic nose that teases the senses. Refreshing certainly but undeniably sophisticated. Destined to become a favourite with adults lucky enough to encounter this superb drink.

Tasting Notes – Only English Raspberries and bitter sweet Lemons grown on Italian Volcanic soil could deliver the complex flavour notes found in each delicious glass of this, at first sharp, yet later fruity drink – like a Raspberry Limoncello. Perfect for sundowners and if you must mix – try it with Gordon’s Gin or a fine Vodka. Bottoms up and Toodle Pip!

Serve chilled. Up end twice gently before pouring to awake the ingredients.